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Mark West Charter School

Ms. Franci:

I hope everyone is remaining safe and healthy. Please keep your child home and test if they are exhibiting any of the following COVID-19 symptoms. Please call the office at 524-2741 and let us know.
• Cough
• Fever
• Shortness of breath
• Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
• Body aches
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Runny nose
• New loss of taste or smell

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe.

Cell Phones:

Please remind your students that cell phones are to be off and in their backpacks while on campus. We are seeing a lot of cell phone use during break and lunch. Students are given a warning for the first time, the second time it is put in the office for them to pick up after school, the third time a parent will need to pick it up from the office and the student will need to turn their cell phone in every morning and pick it up after school. If they need to call you they can come to the office and use the office phone. If you have messages for them please call the office and we will get them the message.

Independent Study Contracts:

Please remember that we need at least 5 days’ notice to get an Independent Study ready to go. It takes the teachers quite a bit of time to get all the materials together. If you are needing a contract please let Nikki Dale (ndale@mwusd.org) in the office know so she can get the paperwork started.
Thank you for your cooperation!

From Mrs. Sunde:

In 7th grade math we have begun to brainstorm and come up with a math game for our 3rd quarter project. The game must have at least 20, 7th grade math questions, Instructions and game boards with pieces. In 7th grade Science we just finished a Genetics lab. We surveyed all students in our class on 3 genetic traits. Collecting data on earlobes, forelocks, pinkies and thumbs. We then organized our data and created bar graphs, we analyzed our data by calculating percentages and determining which traits were dominant and then finally we made conclusions by asking questions about the dominant traits

From Mr. Carusone:

My 7th grade History students are finishing up a unit on feudal Japan. Part of the unit required them to work in groups, to create a set of samurai armor, helmet, and long sword (katana).

From Ms. Woods:

ELA/History – The eighth graders are currently immersed in the formation of our government. Students have been discovering the struggles our founding fathers went through while trying to create a government that represented all our Nation’s people, rights, and needs. They have learned about our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the other 17 amendments. Students have just finished their Amendment Projects and next week we will be simulating the Congressional process of a bill becoming a law. Students will start in small committees creating laws they believe will help our nation/school. They will write the law and present it to a larger committee. Here their new law may be edited or sent back to the small committee to start over. If their law passes the larger committee they will then present it to their class (The House or The Senate) for a vote. If it passes within their classroom, the law will then be sent over to the other class for approval (the other legislative body) before being sent to the President (teacher) for a signature or Veto. The Supreme Court (our office staff) will have final say on if their law is within the constitutional rights of our nation. The idea of this project came from the students, as they have voiced their love of “experiencing” history. They are greatly enjoying the critical thinking and collaboration of these reenactments. The students are also writing a persuasive letter to a representative about a topic they care about. Students have written about global warming, hunger, decreasing the use of fossil fuels, cleaning up our oceans, and suggested changes to our education system such as adding foreign language into our curriculum as early as first grade, making geography a subject specifically taught instead of integrated, and increased funding for public education all the way through college. These students care about their future and are exploring their ability to create change.

From Ms. Chapman:

8th grade Math, we are focusing on Linear Equations. Students have learned to use the slope formula, and are digging into slope-intercept form (y=mx+b). In order to help students work with the concept, they are creating Linear Stained Glass projects (big reveal in the next newsletter) and working with real world problems such as… if you go to the movies buy 4 tickets for $10 each and one popcorn for $8, how much do you spend?

In our Lego Education class, beginning students are digging into the basic engineering skills like pulleys and levers. And our advanced Legos are combining all of their skills they have learned prior to creating moving projects. This week they built racecars with motors and tested their speeds on the ramps. (see photos below)

From Mrs. Kaufman:

The Music Explorations class is beginning to explore a variety of percussion instruments in addition to bucket drums, which we are using together to create some unique rhythmic grooves. Despite the simplicity of some of the parts, it is quite challenging to get everyone playing different parts together on the same beat! In addition, a few students are adding their skills on guitar and cello. We are also having a lot of fun with the drum set. Stay tuned for our performance coming up at  the beginning of March!

Make Music, Eat Polenta! Save the date for our Polenta Feed fundraiser on Saturday, March 12! We are also looking for volunteers as well as donations for our raffle and silent auction for this event. Do you have connections to a business that can donate? Can you lend a hand at the event? Please let us know if you can help by emailing Shannon or Jason at mwef@mwusd.org. Help us keep music education alive in the Mark West School District!

Important Dates:
January 31: Charter Girls Basketball Practice at 3:30
January 31: MWCS Lottery Draw for the 22-23 school year at 4:00
February 1: Charter Girls Basketball Practice at 3:30
February 7: PTA General Meeting at 5:30
February 9: Charter Girls Basketball Practice at 1:30
February 14: Lincoln’s Birthday – No School
February 15: Charter Girl’s Bball Game @ 4:00 vs H.C.
February 16: Charter Girl’s Bball Game @ 4:00 vs SLMS
February 21: President’s Day – No School
February 24: District Music Concert
February 25: Charter Girls Basketball Practice at 3:30
February 28: Charter Girl’s Bball Game @ 4:00 vs Pres.
March 1: Charter Girls Basketball Practice at 3:30
March 3: Charter Girls Basketball Practice at 3:30
March 4: End of 3rd Quarter
March 7: PTA Family Bowling Night (stay tuned for more information)
March 8: Charter Girl’s Bball Game @ 4:00 vs VCA
March 12: MWEF Polenta Feed
March 14: PTA General Meeting at 5:30 by Zoom
March 15-17: Girl’s Bball Playoffs
March 21-25 Spring Break
March 31: PTA Family Skate Night (stay tuned for more information)

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