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Mark West Charter School

Ms. Franci: We are looking for yard supervisors. We have 2 spots at each shift available.

The shifts are:
morning break from 10:00-10:15 on Wed. from 9:57-10:12 and lunch break from 12:20-1:05 on Wed. from 12:50-1:20.

If you know of anyone, have them go to https://mwusd.org/employment/ to fill out the application.

October 31st – Halloween: The leadership class and Mrs. Sunde have been working hard to create fun activities for our Halloween Carnival. Please remember to bring your costume to school to change into at lunch. Costumes do need to be school appropriate.

PTA News: Thank you PTA for sponsoring the skate night on October 27. Students and some parents came in costume to skate the night away. Cal Skate gave each student in costume a glow stick necklace. There was some falling, but most of all there was laughter and fun to be had by all!

Independent Study Contracts: Must be for no less than 3 days and for no longer than 14 days. Please remember that we need at least 5 days notice to get an Independent Study ready to go. It takes the teachers quite a bit of time to get all the materials together. If you are needing a contract please let Nikki Dale in the
office know so she can get the paperwork started. Thank you for your cooperation!

From Mr. Carusone: My 7th grade English students are writing a horror/scary story referencing the following parameters and rubric: Your mission is to write a story starter for a suspenseful tale. Your story must have a serious/suspenseful tone. You must have at least two characters. Develop your characters using direct and indirect characterization (include dialogue). Use imagery and figurative language as you establish your setting and create your
story’s mood. Your plot needs to be clear. However, this is not a full story…just the beginning.

Narrative Rubric – 4 POINT SCALE
Plot Sequence
4-Sophisticated and creative construction of plot (suspense builds to climax; may include effective use of flashback, foreshadowing, subplots)
3-Plot is present, but needs some development to establish suspense
2-Plot needs organization/poorly developed
1-No plot is established
Imagery (5 Senses and Figurative Language)
4-Beautifully weaves well-written sensory details and figurative language throughout story, developing mood, setting, and characterization
3-Includes some well-written sensory details and figurative language throughout story, developing mood, setting, and characterization
2-Beginning to use sensory details (may only use 2 types of sensory detail; I saw the bright sunset/I heard the wind), very little figurative language is used
1-Little or no sensory details used (ex. only using sight), no figurative language is used
Characterization (what characters do, say, think, etc)
4-Strong sense of characterization is developed
3-Adequate sense of characterization is developed
2-Some characterization is developed
1- Little or no characterization is developed
4-Dialogue is woven in a complex manner throughout the story, directly moves the plot, and develops characterization
3-Dialogue is used appropriately; some characterization and plot development are present
2- Dialogue is present, but needs editing to be effective in this story
1-No dialogue is used or dialogue is attempted, but appropriate punctuation is not used
Grammar and Editing
4-Nearly error- free in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and paragraphing
3-Contains few errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and paragraphing
2-Contains some errors that slightly interfere with reading
1-Contains numerous errors that interfere with reading

From Ms. Dickey/Ms. Chapman: In 8th grade Math & Science with Ms. Dickey and Ms. Chapman, students are learning foundational geometry skills that will carry them into high school; focusing on the 4 main types of transformations (translations, reflections, rotations and dilations). In order to help practice these skills, students have been tasked with completing multi-step transformations that create “emoji art”. As we wrap up our unit on Space, teens reviewed the phases of the moon by completing a lab with Oreos that had them discovering what part of the moon has the light from the sun reflected upon it based on its phase/location at that point in the cycle. Students also discovered just how big space actually is; creating scale models of the Solar System on the blacktop using toilet paper squares and chalk…and let’s just say we discovered there is one dwarf planet that is beyond the number of squares for our average roll.

From Ms. Woods: 8th Grade
ELA – We have just finished reading “Lord of the Flies”. The class has 12 choices on novel projects as a final for this novel. Students could create 3D models of the island, write cookbooks of recipes the characters may have created on the island, write an alternate ending to the novel, etc.
History – Students have just finished learning about the events that led to the American Revolution and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. One lesson taught the students about taxation without representation with a real world simulation. Next we will be creating children’s books explaining the Declaration of Independence.

From Mrs. Sunde: In MAKER class we have been creating log slice art. We found images we liked, engraved them into the wood and then painted them!

From Mrs. Edwards: Art Classes “Look into my mind” art lesson. The students draw an eye in the center of the page and then have 8 pie pieces from the eye where they draw/write things that interest them.

From Mrs. Gayowski: In speech and debate students are put into teams where they are given a topic that they are going to have to argue regardless if they agree or disagree. They spend one class period looking up evidence to back their main points and the debate is held the following class period. The team in the picture is trying to prove that cats are better pets than dogs.

From Mrs. Lemieux:
Math Squared
Math Squared has started a new quarter, but there is a similar schedule with lesson/practice on one day and game day on the last day of the week. The students have been working on converting fractions into decimals. Here are pictures of a recent game.

Academic Academy/Directed Studies
Students are working hard on assignments. This is a new quarter with a clean slate. Each day has an academic focus, alternating between working on ELA/History and Math/Science. Students also review some key skills such as solving real world math problems and editing sentences.

From Ms. Dickey:
At the completion of 1st quarter, students learned about how chromatography and DNA are used to help investigators solve crimes. The new round of students in 2nd quarter have begun to learn about the different types of evidence that can be used during a criminal investigation. They took part in an exercise that tested their observation skills when a “suspect” took an item out of the classroom. Next week they will begin hands-on labs with fingerprinting.

From Mrs. Kaufman: The “Make Music” elective class is busy learning a variety of complex rhythms on bucket drums and body percussion. We have a few students returning who have played with the group previously as well as many new students this quarter. Also new this quarter are the
marimbas! You may have seen the article in the Press Democrat a few weeks ago about the “Play Marimba!” group in Petaluma led by Tobias Sparks. Mrs. Kaufman is attempting to bring the same program to the Mark West District, starting with a trial run in the “Make Music” elective. The Zimbabwean marimba is a wooden keyboard percussion instrument played using rubber mallets. Students are currently learning on 13 “practice” marimbas, meaning they are smaller and do not have resonator tubes to give it a full sound. But we are hoping to bring the larger sizes of marimba to the school one day as well. Pictured is a soprano marimba.

Important dates:
October 3 – 31: MWCS 22-23 Enrollment Window Open for 7th grade (markwestcharter.org)
October 28: Report Cards go home for Charter
October 31: Halloween Carnival 1:05-3:10 (bring school appropriate costume to school to change into at lunch) PTA Halloween Treat bags given out after school at 3:10
November 1: Boys Basketball Game vs. SLMS (7th at 4:00 and 8th at 5:00)
November 3: PTA Board Meeting – 5:30
November 8: District Board Meeting at 5:00
November 10: Boys Basketball Game vs. GCA (8th only at 4:00)
November 11: Veterans Day – No School
November 11: MW PTA night at the Warriors – link to purchase tickets: https://am.ticketmaster.com/warriors/promotional-page?filterType=NTk1
November 14: Make-Up Picture Day
November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break
November 28: School resumes after Thanksgiving Break
November 29: Boys Basketball Game vs. THS (7th at 4:00 and 8th at 5:00)
November 30: Tree Lighting – Mark West Area Chamber of Commerce in the Multi at MW at 6:00
December 1: Boys Basketball Game vs. Summerfield (8th only at 4:00), PTA Board meeting at 5:30
December 2: Boys Basketball Game vs. Presentation (7th at 4:00 and 8th at 5:00)
December 5: District Enrollment for TK/K for the 23-24 school year opens
December 6: Boys Basketball Game vs. HC (7th at 4:00 and 8th at 5:00)
December 7: DELAC Meeting 6:00
December 9: Charter Music Elective Music Presentation at 1:30
December 12-16 Boys Basketball Playoffs – Times and Places to be determined
December 13: District Board Meeting at 5:00
December 15: “Caught You” Movie at 1:05
December 16: End of 2nd Quarter
December 19 – January 2: Winter Break
January 3: School resumes after Winter Break
January 5: PTA Board Meeting at 5:30
January 10: District Board Meeting at 5:00
January 12: Presentation from A. Trudeau (iSMART) social media awareness training for parents 5:30
January 13: 2nd Quarter (semester) Report Cards go home by mail
January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School

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